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When Zach walks into a room, things change. His energetic smile and happy yet serious personality is infectious. With his intensely traditional work ethic and keen eye for precision, Zach skillfully zeros in on the areas that matter and methodically and efficiently increases value.


His nearly 10 year career includes numerous roles in the food manufacturing and packaging industries. He specializes in electrical programming, facility maintenance, line installations, advanced PLC, automation controls, electrical engineering and robotics. Zach’s experience includes plant expansions, equipment change, advanced programing, complete builds and all functional areas of maintenance.  

"If you’re going to do it,
do it right the first time"


As an engineer, Zach’s skill set applies to a broad spectrum of projects. He attended ITT Technical Institute and Chaffey for advanced certifications and training to perfect his craft.


When he’s not playing with machines, Zach spends his time with his lovely wife, working on his property and exploring the great outdoors. He and his wife are proud new parents to their first child, a son.  

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