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With his unassuming, down-to-earth character, you’d never guess that Scott Buchele carries an encyclopedic knowledge of all things food manufacturing  in his back pocket. His 30-year career has included executive leadership positions with small, mid sized, large and international food giants. With a grassroots career path starting from the floor and working up to an executive leader, Scott is an extremely rare, competent and humble individual. Rather than sit in an executive suite, he prefers to throw on a hair net and hit the production floor connecting with people in their environment, learning, teaching and communicating.


You won’t meet another consultant like Scott. His unique ability to pinpoint solutions and revenue opportunity while engaging team members in the process is second to none. His instinctual talent, speed and unprecedented ability to get things across the finish line, is exceptional. Scott has never met a manufacturing challenge he can’t solve. His career has been broad, covering everything from meat processing, baking and further processed fruits and vegetables, to frozen foods and every application in-between.

"There’s nothing like the satisfaction of fixing problems a company has been struggling with, while giving the team tools to solve future challenges on their own."

Scott has an acute ability to navigate the interrelationship between complex food processing systems and their practical relationship with the people performing the work. By keeping an eye towards a high-level strategy and a holistic operation, he continually pinpoints cost reduction opportunities, food safety needs, safety improvements and capacity utilization opportunities often overlooked by internal teams. Scott utilizes the latest techniques to analyze, plan, develop and quantify immediate impact for your business.


Scott’s Spanish fluency combined with his approachability allows him to facilitate instant connection and mutual understanding. He holds a BS in Business Administration, and has advanced skills in lean manufacturing, food safety, project management, regulatory compliance, product development and team building. With his genuinely humble nature, focused knowledge and innate ability to make everyone laugh by finding humor in all things, Scott will win over your team instantly.  


In his personal life, Scott is a talented cross-functional athlete, with a family of 7.

Food Manufacturing Certifications:
    •    HACCP Certified trainer
    •    Kaizen Lean Manufacturing
    •    Food Safety Essentials
    •    Allergen Control

    •    Employee workplace safety

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