Performance Enterprise, LLC

Your Food Manufacturing Performance Improvement and Cost Reduction Partner

We are not your typical consultants

What makes us different?

It’s our way of working.  We are hands on.  Not only do we work with you to determine what you need, we’ll come in and physically do the work along side your team.  We like to see our projects through and ensure your success. 

We are affordable and accessible.  We bring a wealth of knowledge, skill and ability that will delight you and deliver results all while maintaining your budget. 

There’s no food manufacturing problem we can’t solve.  Our equipment expertise includes processing, packaging, chilling, freezing, baking, form and fill, depositing, kettles, peel & wash, fry, high speed packaging and enrobing to name a few.  Our experience spans the entire food industry including but not limited to ready to eat, fresh and processed meats, batter and breading, fruits and vegetables, organics, hand held foods, frozen foods, baked goods, frozen and fresh entrees, dehydrated foods and snacks.  

Some of the projects or problem solving our clients may hire us for include:

  • Equipment sourcing, installation and optimization
  • Full cycle commercialization
  • Line lay outs and design
  • Develop product and process controls
  • Develop, install and set into place complete food safety programs
  • Employee development and training
  • Deployment of lean manufacturing methodologies
  • Establish Kaizen programs - Employee engagement
  • Establish sanitation systems and programs
  • Build quality assurance programs
  • Product and process development
  • Establish leading indicator manufacturing systems and SOPs to deliver sustainabale product consistency
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Change management
  • Material handling
  • Plant start-ups
  • Cost reduction projects - non-value added reductions
  • Capacity utilization and improvement - Creativity vs. Capital
  • Maintenance systems - OEE
  • Regulatory compliance - FSMA, USDA, OSHA and EPA
  • Environmental programs